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Attention USA Building Material and Hardware stores

Please email training@dmsretail if you would like to connect with a Training Manager of a Hardware retail company outside of North America. We have someone interested in exchanging business ideas through networking.


Question Series #7

Is there any difference between a shopkeeper and a retailer? Is there any difference in their training? Does DMSRetail provide shopkeeper skills training? T.Q.

Question Series #6

We have a lot of doubts with spending some money on ATL activity. We can’t notice a connection between expenditure on ATL and traffic in our specialized stores (floor coverings). Could you answer us whether we are mistaken? J.S.

Question Series #5

I want to know what is the difference between category management and space management? How and when can we use it? What is the benefit of it? W.A.

Question Series #4

“I have been invited to an interview with a retail chain store for the position of assistant manager. What can I expect at the interview and what type of questions could they be asking and what type of qualities does an assistant manager need?” H.L.

Question Series 3

Regarding slow movres/dead stocks – If you realize that some of these items are within your shop, what are some of the options that I have to get rid of them with minimal liability? R.W.

Question Series

“My question is how to evaluate staff productivity in mass fashion retail store where staff has to do all such as house keeping, replenishments, stock display, maintaining standards and at end customer service. Mass fashion retail store where we sell 3000 to 3500 pcs/day.” S.N.

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