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Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

This is an excerpt from Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course: It appears that even a warm, friendly comment of gratitude will activate the obligation to reciprocate on the customer’s part.


Real Life Study Shows:

A New York University conducted an experiment in a medium-sized electronics store. A subject entering the store was told in a warm and friendly manner: “Thank you for shopping here today. We appreciate having you as our customer.” As a control, the next shopper entering the store was not told anything.

The average amount of money spent by subjects who received the appreciatory comment was $408.03; the average amount spent by the 100 subjects who were not told anything was $240.54.

And it didn’t cost a penny to say Thank You!

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New DMSRetail Catalog

Most people would say there’s a lot of information on our website. And it’s true…we’ve been building and growing it since 2003. Now, having tons of good information is a great thing, or not such a great thing, depending on the reason you’re on our website.

If you want information about anything retail, you’ll enjoy browsing around. Some people have even told us that, when they first found  they felt like a ‘kid in a candy store’.

But, if you have a specific issue you want to address – or some specific thing you want to learn about – then you may appreciate crystal clear directions to where that particular issue is addressed.

It’s something like taking the direct route, instead of the scenic route!

So, we’ve made it easier to take the direct route; to see all of our products and services at a glance. We invite you to take a look at our new catalog so you’ll know exactly what’s available to you when you need something:

As always, we welcome your comments at any time.

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