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Inspirational Journey in Retail Management – Press Release


DMSRetail’s world renowned retail operations management expert, Mr. Matt Parmaks, MSc., presents the popular, professional retail management workshop: The Retail Operations Management Workshop, in Miami, Florida on June 23-24-25, 2014.

This Workshop is designed to challenge retail professionals about their current practices and beliefs regarding the operational aspects of running a chain of retail stores, big or small.

Starting with the Retail Human Performance Management System, based on DMSRetail’s Proprietary Performance Framework, consultants lead participants in the most fascinating exploration of retail operations which actually changes the way retailers view their entire operation. By implementing the ‘One Number’ management system through the proper application of Retail Math, Metrics & Key Performance Indicators retailers guarantee their operational success. And, seeing what Retail Business Intelligence can do for customer and market potential analyses, along with an insightful view, and use, of the Service Profit chain in Customer Value Management, they become enlightened retailers in the quest for the loyal customer base that is so critical to their success. Finally, after delving into the Success Factors & Operational Impact of Omni Channel Retailing, participants easily and confidently take on the challenges of the future.

Matt Parmaks, Sr. Consultant & EVP for DMSRetail Inc. said “They’re calling this an incredible inspirational journey through the leadership challenges that retail business owners and executives confront every day. Really, that’s what this workshop has come to be known as. Workshop participants come away with a brand new understanding of their organizations and the people in them. They’re clear on what it takes to be laser focused on what’s important so they’re poised and ready to meet the demands of the new consumer.”

DMSRetail Inc., is a North American company founded in 1991 to help retailers increase sales & profits and generally become more successful by providing a wide variety of Success Guides, Tools, Consulting Services and Training Opportunities.


If you would like more information about this three day workshop, or if you’d like to schedule an interview with Mr. Matt Parmaks, please call +1(312) 239 0919. Or send an email to Josephine Hill, Events Manager at


Release of 4th Edition of Retail Math – Made Simple

Retail Math – Made Simple, 4th Edition is coming up for release next month. The 4th Edition will be priced at $19.95, but you don’t have to pay the new price.
Why? Because...
When we introduce new products and new editions, we always make a one time offer to our existing customers and subscribers and that is… the opportunity to get ‘what’s new’ at the old price.
So, what’s new?
Well, there’s no question that the 3rd Edition of Retail Math – Made Simple is an excellent resource but some of our customers have made recommendations. And we listened.
Here’s a glimpse of what’s being added to the new, improved 4th Edition:
  1. Case Study showing the use of KPI’s
  2. Exercises, Problems and Examples
  3. More about the P&L
  4. Practice Tests to ensure understanding of the material
How do I take advantage of this opportunity?
Simple. Order, and receive, the Retail Math – Made Simple, 3rd Edition instant download for just $14.95 and we’ll automatically send you the 4th Edition, absolutely free, as soon as it is available.
This opportunity is only available until Friday, May 16, 2014, so please place your order today to get on the 4th Edition Auto Upgrade list.
Special note: If you have already purchased the Ultimate Retail Success ToolKit, or the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, you don’t need to take any action. You will automatically receive Retail Math – Made Simple, 4th Edition as you are entitled to lifetime product updates on all DMSRetail products. 

All the Success! 
DMSRetail Team

PS: Retail Math – Made Simple, 3rd Edition is a best selling Success Guide. Click here to order.
PPS: Just a reminder that The Retail Operations Management Workshop is being held in Miami on
June 23-24-25, 2014. Send an email to to request more information, or to register.

Managing for Higher Retail Success

Finally, we are having some reasonable weather in the northern hemisphere. That should help with retail sales.
Last month showed an increase of 6% in the US over last year. That’s a very significant number, hope it continues.
But what you are really concerned about is your own sales. Rightfully so. How are they? If you’ve been following us via this newsletter, I am sure you picked up some tips and suggestions along the way. There is so much more on the website. Go to success tips and/or viewpoint to get ideas, motivation and inspiration.
There is another thing you can do. We have a success guide called “Managing for Higher Retail Success”. It does not get enough attention in our opinion. It s a true “classic” to go to  whenever you feel like you want to sharpen or re-energize your retail management skills and talents.
Our “bundle” customers all have it and one of them described this success guide as “a true gem”. It is priced very affordably so most if not all of you should have no problem investing in it.
Now go here and get your own copy, you will be glad you did.

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