Retail Math Made Simple 4th Edition is now available worldwide, in both digital and physical versions. So, there is hope for people who are terrified of math but know they must seek retail math knowledge regardless.

Studies indicate that retailers seek retail math knowledge when they realize that on the job training hasn’t prepared them well enough to excel in this area. In order to move their business forward they require a solid working knowledge of the metrics, formulas and balanced scorecards used in day to day retail operations.

As DMSRetail unveils Retail Math Made Simple, 4th Edition it is obvious that different learning styles, and multiple intelligences have been carefully taken into consideration resulting in an exceptionally user friendly product.

Out of the 7 Intelligences – Visual/Spatial, Logical/Mathematical, Verbal/Linguistic, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical/Rhythmic, Intra Personal and Inter Personal – DMSRetail has been able to produce the newest edition incorporating at least 3 of these as it contains metrics and formulas and numerical examples in addition to the written explanations and a visual slide presentation accompanied by Presenter’s notes.

Matt Parmaks, EVP of DMSRetail says “Retailers want this information because they’ve heard about, and learned firsthand, that what gets measured, gets done and, further… if they can’t measure it, they can’t manage it. There are plenty of different ways to put it but it all comes back to the same thing and, of course, we teach that in our workshops.”

A major feature of Retail Math Made Simple 4th Edition is the inclusion of the Presenter’s notes, as mentioned above. Now, retailers get the benefit of the Presenter’s notes to bring real life perspective and clarity to the printed slides.

To Order, Go To: RetailMathMadeSimple4thEdition

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