Who doesn’t want motivated employees? Anybody?

In retail, we all want our employees to be motivated…intrinsically motivated, in fact. Really great results come from a staff of highly intrinsically motivated people out on your sales floor.

Intrinsically motivated individuals have confidence in their abilities and expectation of just rewards, whether monetary or non monetary.

If you want highly motivated people who will produce some amazing results for you… make sure of two things:

1) they are given everything they need to be confident in carrying out the action required to produce those results and

2) that a straight forward and meaningful reward system is in place for high performers

In the case of retail store personnel, that means they have to be confident in selling…in speaking with customers, determining their needs through open ended questions, presenting options and closing the sale.

They would also need to have top notch product knowledge, a winning attitude and much more.

They must be confident in their ability to sell.

The reward system – Pay for Performance – is a topic for another day.

Naturally, there are essential training requirements for Retail Sales & Service Associates. Just to get out on the sales floor they need to receive information on 17 topics, in particular, and we’ve listed some of them below.

Of course, retailers can ask their Sales Associates, Cashiers and Floor Associates to do the job without the appropriate training.

Incredibly, many do just that. They won’t spend a dime to get their people ready to interact with their customers.

We’re pretty sure you’ve witnessed the results of that in a retail store at some point.

Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should; just because it’s possible for an Associate to try and do the job without proper training, doesn’t mean it’s reasonable to expect them to, especially when you’re asking them to deliver results.

And, it’s never the prudent thing to do because the results will not be as good as they could be.

Employers, employees and customers alike all pay the price when Associates are sent out, onto the sales floor, and expected to perform their duties without the benefit of retail selling and customer service skills.

DMSRetail is removing all of the barriers to cost effective, results oriented training for new recruits….

Retailers often have difficulty getting all of their people trained due to varied work schedules, hours of operation, turnover, time constraints and wage cost budget constraints as well.

High turnover rates cause some retailers to be reluctant to invest in their people.

Important Note: Some have concerns that externally sourced training might not be relevant in their organization. We assure you, in DMSRetail’s case, it is. Below, we explain how we can be so sure of that.

Whatever the case may be, with this economical program, those difficulties and considerations are a thing of the past. Training can take place anytime, anywhere… and it’s very affordable.

You don’t have to send your Associates anywhere, or pay for things normally associated with training such as transportation, accommodation, meal expenses and extra wages to cover them while they’re away.

All the trainee needs is a computer to watch and hear the presentation, on DVD, and the accompanying materials.

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals
Self Study Program is a 3 DVD Set

• DVD #1: Retail Customer Service Fundamentals
• DVD #2: Retail Selling Skills
• DVD #3: Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

PLUS…These Working/Study Materials:

• A Study Guide and Workbook to make notes and answer questions put forward during the presentation.
• The Sales and Customer Service Associate’s Framework for Success – a blueprint for success.
• Success Guide – Retail Customer Service Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Available in Digital or Physical
We can deliver to your inbox or ship physical DVDs to your location.

The Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons on DVD, is included – it’s one of our best selling guides to help Associates understand how and why people “buy with emotion and justify with logic”.

You will increase sales, with this alone, just by getting this information into the hands of your employees!

We completely understand that you have your own unique
way of doing things. That’s why the workbook
that comes with this study course, includes a
‘Questions for your Manager’
section on every topic.

Throughout the course, by referring to the ‘Questions for Your Manager’ section at important points, we ensure that the student knows that they need to check with their Manager for guidance on issues.

That’s how this program becomes uniquely yours!

The course was developed by very experienced and highly successful retailers so it definitely provides great information and direction and an employee would do very well with what they learn from the course alone.

But, your employees work for you…so we coach them, throughout the course, to come to you or your designate, with their questions on how certain things work in your stores, and with their ideas.

If you don’t have time to deal with any questions that arise…that’s okay, too. You can delegate one of your well-seasoned, top performing employees to handle them or set up a time to meet with the employee.

That’s a win/win for sure!

We let them know that you may, and probably do, have more to say on issues and that it’s their responsibility to get all of the information and learning that they can in order to do a better job for you and the company and to add to their own skill set.

The benefit here, is that we are planting the seeds for growth and success within your organization.

We provide the rock solid foundation with Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals and you build on that when and where it suits you.

It’s a very effective way of managing the
training aspect of your retail business.

We cover 17 topics in this program. Here are just a few…from the basics to the more elevated issues that will help to elevate your business!!

Dealing Effectively with Customer Complaints

This is one area where so many Sales Associates are left to their own devices. Avoid the problems associated with incorrect handling of customer complaints. Did you know that a customer whose complaint is handled quickly and effectively, will likely become a long term loyal customer? That’s right, anyone can provide good service when a sale is being made but it’s when something goes wrong that you really get a golden opportunity to show a customer just how good you are and how much you care about their business. Teach your people: what to do, what to say, how to handle complaints.

Commonly Used In Store – Key Performance Indicators

Not just the numbers, but what they mean & why retailers care about them! Get this information to your Sales Associates and watch them grow and excel! Associates are often unaware of the importance of KPI’s that relate directly to their performance and sometimes see them as “just paperwork; just stuff Head Office wants to know” instead of the exceptional and crucial business drivers they are.

Telephone Etiquette-Mobile & Landline

There is absolutely no doubt that telephone etiquette is at an all time low…worldwide. But for a few exceptions, it’s frightening to see and hear what’s going on with telephones in stores these days. Don’t let it happen in your stores. A few simple rules of etiquette – quickly learned – can save you from embarrassment.

How to Handle Multiple Customers Effortlessly

Too many customers? (Never!) – this is where a lot of new and/or junior Sales Associates get into trouble. They either keep their head down and try to ignore what’s going on, so they don’t get overwhelmed, (result: ignored customers, low conversion) or they just pay attention to one customer leaving the others to wait (result: ignored customers) or they deal with everyone – but the interaction is so quick that nobody buys anything anyway. Or, they buy one thing when they might have purchased many things (result: low average sale, low units per transaction). Improve results with our tips.


Absolutely everything your Associates need to know to get them fully engaged as enthusiastic partners – and just the right amount of information – to ensure their success in the organization – is included in this program.

We provide the solid foundation on which to build more and more skills to benefit both the employee and the employer and, ultimately, your customer.

You know your people need to know all of this stuff and now you have the perfect way to get them what they need without any time investment and, right now, very little financial investment on your part…

Just hand over this Study Program and let DMSRetail take care of the rest.

DMSRetail will get your people moving in the right direction…fast.

Order your copy of the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Self Study Program today.

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Self Study Program

3 DVD Set plus Study Guide & Workbook, Success Guide and Associate’s Framework for Success Blueprint.






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