Things Your Customers Don’t Need to Hear


Retail employees, like any others, should always behave in a professional manner. Because retail employees work together in the stores and not hidden away in offices, this can sometimes be difficult if your employees are talkative. It’s a real problem if they are talkative and unhappy. A recent visit to a grocery store prompted me to send out this reminder. 

I needed something that was not out on the floor. I knew, from previous experience, that the item was often stocked in the freezers behind the counter. I approached a woman who appeared to be working in the area and I learned the following:

The store was short staffed because someone called in sick. The employee I was talking to was tired and overworked; having to fill in for people who didn’t show up for work. She did not usually work in the meat department and it was stopping her from getting her own ‘work’ done in the bakery department. And, finally, she told me that the item I was asking for was probably not available; she didn’t have time to check; I should just come in tomorrow and talk to someone who really works in this department. There was nothing she could do, she just couldn’t spend the time!

Yes, she actually said all these things. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. We really need to train on professional behavior, as well as other skills, if we expect to maintain our reputation.


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