Interesting Reading on Hiring Aces and Performance Management

I was just thinking about the challenges retailers face, day in and day out, and it got me to thinking about our customers and subscribers. I want to ask “What kind of challenges are you facing?” And, “What plans have you got for dealing with them?”

Help is available…
There is plenty of help available to retailers who realize that they need to do things a little differently nowadays. Here’s an interesting article about hiring aces!

Staff or Performance Issues…
Do you have staff issues? Performance issues? If you do, can you elaborate? Can you put your finger on just what it is that’s bothering you ? That’s half the battle, you know. It’s significantly easier to correct a problem when you’ve identified it in detail. Here’s an article about what can happen when poor performance goes unchecked. It’s a doozy! You can use it as a perfect example of what not to do!

Unfortunately, some of us feel like something is not quite right but we never actually take the time to focus right in on what, exactly, is wrong. We get it that sales and profit targets are not being met…but we have a tough time drilling down because that takes quite a bit of time and energy; two things that are at a premium for retailers.

That’s not to say retailers aren’t very, very busy doing all kinds of things; taking steps to correct this and fix that. But, let’s face it, focus is really the most important part of ‘fixing’ anything.

In order to focus, we need to identify our issues, come up with contributing factors, look at the pro’s and cons of possible fixes and then choose the one with the best chances of producing a desirable outcome. Once that’s done, we have to manage, measure and manage some more.

Easier said than done, you say?

Absolutely! If it were easy, there would be no need for companies like DMSRetail Inc. Our existence depends on your needs. If you need help identifying why you’re not exceeding – or even meeting – your sales and profit targets…we offer one on one coaching and consulting. If you know you need help with selling skills, customer service, retail math, business analytics, leadership and other management challenges…we offer several workshops and study courses. We have Success Guides, Tools, Webinars and DVD’s to assist you with whatever your issues may be.

Lacking time or budget?

If you don’t have a lot of time to attend workshops, or if you don’t have enough money in the budget, we have various YourTime Study Courses that you can use at your leisure and they are quite affordable. If you don’t want to read, we have webinars and DVD’s. Whatever you need…is very likely available from DMSRetail Inc.

Let us know how we can help you.

All the Success!
Jack Henderson
Training Manager
DMSRetail Inc.

PS: Our most recent addition to our YourTime Study Course library is the Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course. It’s being offered, exclusively to customers and subscribers at the pre-order price of $495…but only until August 2, 2011. You’ll find it here:

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