Did All the Good Ones Get Away?

Well, what do you think? Did all the good ones get away?

Did the amazing retail management and staff suddenly jump ship and get different positions…or change careers?

Or, does it just feel that way because so many encounters in retail stores are unsatisfactory, to say the least?

We surveyed a group of Retail Directors, Senior District Managers, Operations Managers and Store Sales Associates to give us their thoughts.

The results of this survey were not unexpected, really.

For starters, to a person they say that service is just not the same as it was just a couple of short years ago. Worse, even common courtesy and appreciation were noticeably absent.

Of course, every person said that there were exceptions but having courteous, appreciative and knowledgeable staff who want to interact with the customer as an exception rather than a rule doesn’t speak very well for the industry, does it?

So, let’s look at some of the really basic areas, to start with, where the ‘training’ or ‘expected behaviors’ broke down:

1) No greeting…What the heck?
2) Paying no attention to the customer as s/he walked through the store…What customer? Where?
3) Employees eating and drinking on the sales floor or the cash desk…Eww. Classy! And, messy!
4) Employees engaged in calls or texts on their devices while on the sales floor…Umm, no – not OK!

As a natural consequence of all of this…no active selling was taking place in the stores that our group had been shopping in over the past few months. They shop a lot! They see a lot!

As a Retail Business Owner or a CEO or VP Operations you must know what all of this means for your bottom line. And, you know it can’t be good.

When this is going on in your stores, you can’t get the full benefit of your great category management, buying, allocation, logistics or anything else…because everything will get bunged up at store level.

The bad news is you are leaving money on the table every hour of every day in every store.

The good news is the situation, immediately at hand, will not be difficult to fix…and fast.

There are very likely some issues at District and Regional levels also, but those will require separate action and we’ll get back to that.

But, just for now of course, you may need some advice and some special materials to address the issues coming up directly at store level. That is where DMSRetail can help you with a Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Self Study Program.

You can start training new people and getting ‘not so new’ people back on track.

Before we even think of suggesting you should purchase the program, there is one important thing we need to discuss. We understand you probably have a couple of questions, such as…

“How can a generic program, developed by someone outside of our company, work for my people?”

Here’s the answer for that…

Our retail experts have worked at every level – from the sales floor to the executive floor – of many prominent retailers. They’ve worked in electronics, confections, ladies apparel, footwear, children’s clothing, menswear, telecom, retail recruiting, retail IT companies and retail AI, boutique fashion and department stores, big box, malls, supercentres and grocery, and more.

The Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Self Study Program consists of 3 DVD’s and a PowerPoint Presentation plus an easy-to-follow Study Guide and Workbook.

While working through the program, the trainee is asked to answer questions about the section just learned. In the Study Guide and Workbook there is a specially designated section where trainees are asked to make notes of anything they would like to ask their manager about.

Additionally, and very importantly, we prompt the trainee on which areas we believe they will need to check with their manager about. As you know, every business operates differently and many things are unique to a particular situation.

So, although our programs are amazingly effective in providing a wealth of knowledge to new or less experienced Floor Associates, Sales Associates, Cashiers and any other position who will interact with customers on your selling floor, we know you will want to have input and that is made very clear to the trainee.

All of this makes the program uniquely yours without the time and effort it takes to develop these programs.

And, this is not just for your new and inexperienced people. This program also serves as a great refresher for more experienced and seasoned individuals who may need to be reminded of some things they may have forgotten.

Another question you might have is “Can I afford it and will it be worth the investment?” And, “When could I get started?”

Easy…it’s very affordable and definitely worth the investment. In fact, you will see a 100% return on your investment in the first few days after only one employee has gone through it. You may not believe it, but it’s true. We guarantee it.

As for when you can get started…the time is now because you need it to be now.

Click here to read more about it and make your purchase today. Then hand it over to one of your employees and tell them to take a couple of hours and go through the program and then come to you, or your designate, to ask a few questions.

Simple… easy breezy! Your employees will be very happy with this program.

So, buy now and use now, to great advantage.

All the Success!


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