Get Coaching to Get Better

They say it’s lonely at the top and they’ve been saying it for years.

Do you agree?

In retail, as with any business really, it can be very lonely at the top; the top of the chain, the top of the region, the top of one functional unit of the business, or another – whether revenue producing or a cost centre and, of course, the top of the entire organisation.

Not everything can be shared with colleagues and subordinates, for various reasons.

Sharing with family and friends isn’t all that productive because they aren’t ‘in’ the business with you and, unless they have a substantial retail business background, they may not even relate.

New issues come up every single day.

Setting a five year plan and creating annual budgets and strategic imperatives are all good, necessary and worthy activities but they don’t cover everything.

The business of retailers is open to the public approx. 100+ hours a week; or 24/7 in many cases.

That doesn’t give any executive or manager much time to reflect.

And, of course, many retailers are also selling their merchandise online, providing a whole new set of issues even while it may be providing a healthy bit of business and profit.

The bottom line is that no business leader
is immune from the need to reflect, to question, to wonder about possibilities
and to seek advice.

No matter how good you are…you can use help even if for no other reason than to use another individual as a sounding board; someone to bounce ideas off of and to offer different perspectives.

Sometimes, you need someone to help you with crisis management.

Whatever you want to call that individual… a mentor, buddy, sympathetic other, friend or business consultant – they can be worth their weight in gold.

For peace of mind, we sometimes need to talk to someone who has nothing to gain or lose by responding in a certain way. That’s how you get truth, facts and logical, reasoned thinking to assist you…you choose the right person to talk to.

Our Sr. Consultant, Matt Parmaks, MSc. has been that go-to person for many years for many people. He’s one of a kind with much to offer retailers at the highest levels.

Let me tell you a little about Matt so you can see why he’s been so helpful to so many…from retail business owners and high level executives of prominent retailers in North America and the Caribbean to retail business owners in Africa and Dubai and every position and many other countries in between.

Early on, Matt joined the world renowned electronics company, Sony, as a sales representative and played an important role in the development of Sony’s retail division at increasingly more responsible managerial positions.

As the National Sales Manager for Sony’s retail division, he was instrumental in expanding the company stores from a handful to over 100 units, while posting sales increases of 30% in 2 consecutive years.

That was no easy feat when you consider the large and powerful dealer network that had already been well established for many years in the same markets.
After leaving Sony, he worked in Information Technology System Integration companies such as The Praxium Group, Bell and Generation5, specializing in retail infrastructure systems as Regional Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

After a considerable stint in the Retail Business and Artificial Intelligence area, he joined DMSRetail Inc. as Senior Consultant and EVP.

With DMSRetail Inc., Matt has travelled extensively to share his knowledge and insights with thousands of retail management personnel all over the world. Through public workshops and exclusive consulting engagements, he has had the opportunity to work with many retailers from just about every vertical.

During his sales and sales management career, Matt has generated more than $750 Million in revenue and has been responsible for sales organizations as large as 1000 salespeople.

Matt is a great resource and story teller and, with years of retail and related experience, he provides his audience – whether it is one or many – with a wealth of real life examples on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of best practices in just about every area of retail.

Matt has extensive knowledge of the retail industry, gained through formal education, work experience and a keen interest in business and world affairs. He is the author of numerous books and articles on Retail Performance and Managerial Productivity.

In addition to obtaining BSc. and MSc. degrees from the University of Birmingham, in the UK, Matt has gained substantial knowledge through industry related executive programs too numerous to mention here.

So, you can see why Matt Parmaks would be the go-to person for so many retailers.

The ROI you get, from working with Matt, is off the charts.

Really, it almost cannot be measured because the recipients of Matt’s advice move their businesses forward in leaps and bounds and never look back.

Fortunately, Matt has made a decision to scale back some of his travel to open up some personal consulting spots in the Retail Maven Program this year.

You, being one of our valued customers and subscribers are among the first to hear about this opportunity. That’s important because there is a limit to the number of enrollments we can add.

For only $600/per month, you can avail yourself of Matt Parmaks’ services. He will be your confidante and advisor, trouble shooter and supporter and he will be pleased to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you never have any confidentiality concerns.

The fee includes a scheduled, mutually convenient one hour telephone conversation every week along with unlimited email support.

There is no contract to sign and no obligation. You cancel whenever you wish, although we don’t think you’ll want to give up this valuable resource once you see how much you’ll benefit.

The only limitation, right now, is that Matt only has openings
for 10 clients.

Sign up for your first month today. Register for the Retail Maven Program by clicking here, and let’s get the ball rolling.

More business success and peace of mind await you.

Upon receipt of your registration for the first month, we’ll be in contact with you right away.

Please act quickly as this golden opportunity is time sensitive due to Matt’s availability. Contact with questions, or if you require assistance.

All the Success!


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