Don’t Measure? Don’t Believe It!!

If some consultant tells you that this statement is false….
“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.”
Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit!!

We’ll tell you why, below.

In every area of your business, you have to properly apply retail math to make good decisions….
• Sales Generation
• Expense and Wage Control
• Buying, Allocation & Inventory Control
• Loss Prevention
• Staffing and Scheduling
• Auditing, Reporting & Budgeting
• Recruiting, Hiring & Training
• Leasing, Construction & Design
• Advertising & Promotion
• Well, everything…

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If you don’t know retail math, you can’t effectively manage a retail business.

Management must possess strong retail math skills and general retail math knowledge if they are going to drive a business to succeed.

So, here’s why you should flee if someone tells you that you can manage just fine without measuring…

We came across some articles that made the false claim that measuring things has nothing to do with performance and that you can manage just fine – better, even – without measuring and monitoring.

They based their argument on the fact that good and proper customer service should not be based on how many, how much, how fast things were done.

But, that was false and we submit that the author knew that it was false.

Perhaps s/he was simply trying to come up with some new angle…something different to put out into the universe.

One example used was all about a call center performance measurement of ‘# of customers handled per hour’.

At first, one may think that might be a reasonable performance measure…but that would depend on what it means to ‘handle a customer’.

Well, it turns out that the whole idea was to get a customer off the line as quickly as possible so that the call center could handle more customers with fewer employees.

You know what that means, right? You’ve probably been a customer who has been hustled off the phone lest you take up too much of the employee’s time.

If a performance measure is in place to stop employees from working too slowly, or for being too chatty, one might say that measure has a place in the business – if it is properly monitored and the results acted upon to improve employee behavior and performance.

But, if a performance measure is in place to ensure that an employee works fast, speaks way too fast for the customer to understand and, generally tries to get the customer off the phone as quickly as possible…then, no, it’s not ok and it does not have a place in the business.

The writer made the argument that the particular performance measure was forcing employees to be abrupt and dismissive and, therefore, would create unsatisfied customers. Well, yes, we imagine it would!

The writer was correct about that part.

BUT, that only confirms the fact that the particular performance measure was producing the wrong outcome – terrible customer service.

Who might be at fault for that? Management. Who else?

This story does not prove that you should not measure performance. It does not prove that you can manage without measuring.

In fact, it is preposterous to think that removing all performance measures and to stop monitoring performance at all, would do anything other than create complete chaos and, in time, would lead to financial failure.

If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.

BUT, what you choose to measure and how you communicate that counts and has everything to do with good management.

Bad management may very well choose to measure the wrong things.

If the top level of an organization consistently chooses to measure the wrong things or to communicate inadequately, the outcomes will almost certainly be undesirable.

Measuring how fast you can get rid of your customers would be the wrong thing to do and would only be done by bad management.

Measuring the quality of the interaction, the time spent based on the customer’s issue, etc. would be reasonable. Human resources cannot be allowed to waste time…to chatter away or to move at a snail’s pace…

That is why companies employ managers.

You simply must know what you’re talking about…what the results really mean and what sensible actions you can take to
keep on improving your business.

DMSRetail believes strongly in building a performance culture; in holding people accountable.

If you don’t know retail math, you can’t effectively
manage a retail business.

2 Days – 4 Hours Each Day
Online, Instructor Led
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