Monday, Monday…Standards, Execution & Benchmarks

Monday’s always test us, but it’s much worse when multi-unit Managers miss target due to subpar execution at store level!

Retail Standards, Benchmarks & Execution…Critical!  

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t make target?   Honestly, no one wants to be the biggest loser of the week.   

Sure, we know there are reasons and we search for all of the possible explanations and declare we will do better and make it next week!  

And, that’s what is expected because, as multi-unit Managers we are on a never ending quest to achieve target in every store…day after day, week after week, and so on and so on.   

So, give it the old Rah! Rah! and go at it again.

Ok, maybe we’re having a little bit of fun…making light of the situation.  

But that’s because we know the life of an Operations, Regional, District Manager and all of the other retail management positions that are getting their numbers together, their phone calls made and their charts printed so they can go into their meetings – Zoom or otherwise – and sound like they know what they’re talking about; they’ve identified the issues.  

We don’t doubt that the vast majority do, indeed, know what they’re talking about.  

On Mondays, they absorb all kinds of new information…plans and challenges for the week ahead are discussed and strategies formulated and off they go.   

Mondays are usually very long days.   

Most multi-unit Managers – Ops, RMs & DM’s – are happy when Monday is over.  

Win or lose last week, another week in retail is already underway and they’re ready for it.   

Every single hour of every day we are pushing to make our stores and our people successful.  

We try to give them everything they need.  

We call and text and visit and generally do whatever we can to motivate and encourage…to coach and guide.  

But, at the end of the day, it’s all in the hands of store personnel.  

Most significantly, the Store Manager…because the DM cannot be in every store all day every day, nor should there be reason to.

That’s not the job.   The idea is to manage through others.   

We’re supposed to build strong teams and develop great people and communicate well and generally do everything possible to ensure they execute as expected.

Many RM’s and DM’s can’t be in every store once a week or even once a month.   

Imagine the opportunity for negative things to take root when visits are few and far between.   

Of course, you might say things like “oh, Store Manager’s don’t need that much attention...they can be trusted…they know what they’re doing…” and, of course, you may very well be right.   

But you have to be sure and you have to know the capabilities of each person before treating them like ‘seasoned treasures’ who don’t need you so much anymore.  

We know that most Store Managers are great, hard working dedicated professionals but that doesn’t mean they don’t need proper management.  

Running a business unit in a far flung geographic location that is seldom visited is tough.

Right from the start, those managers need even more help than managers closer to home.   

You can’t just swoop in, give someone the keys and leave for an extended period…hoping for the best.  

If you do that, that’s all that will happen – you will continually hope for the best and not necessarily achieve it.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge for multi-unit managers  is managing remotely. We address the challenge.  

If you want to have better sales results and better Mondays…    

You have to put a success formula in place that keeps working even when you’re not there.

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Until Next Time…

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jhill at retailmanagementworkshop . com

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