Top Performance from Store Managers

Certainly avoid useless store visits…like the ‘Giddy Up’ visit!  


The Store Visit deserves way more attention than it gets from some Regional and District Managers….indeed, from some companies entire management team and executive.

One Regional Manager we know, constantly used the phrase ‘Giddy Up’.

It was annoying and it made it difficult to take her seriously.

She would show up, fly around the store and the mall with the Store Manager in tow…firing questions at everyone…barking out instructions on what to change and what to leave alone, speaking very fast all the while.

Whether she ever heard or registered a response, we don’t know.  
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At every change of subject …’Giddy Up’ she’d say.

Then, after a couple of hours and no accomplishments, ‘Giddy Up’ she’d say…time to go.

If you were a Store Manager who was flying below the radar, you would love this approach.

You’d be happily waving and saying “bye, bye, thanks for coming, great to see you”.

But, if you were serious about your position and trying to learn something or just get information from your superior, you would be very disappointed.

If you needed her to remove some obstacles for you or talk about your career path, sorry…you were out of luck.

We know retail is a fast-moving business and you have to be able to think, move and act fast if you want to be a success.

But there are times when calm, rational professionalism is called for and when you’re conducting a store visit, it’s one of those times.

‘Giddy Up’ just wasn’t appropriate.

If the business is to be sustained and improved, store visits should be conducted in a professional manner…not like you’re grabbing a bite at a fast food place!  

Retailers can’t lose sight of the fact that everyone needs to be on board and ready to sell more merchandise to more people, more often.

Anything that takes attention away from that goal needs to change.

Useless store visits do absolutely nothing to move the business forward and will likely be more detrimental than anything.

Store management and staff need professional guidance.

Now is the time to be creative and thoughtful, to be serious and focused, to be confident and ready to take risks.

There’s lots that you can do. There are plenty of options to choose from so go ahead and get started.   Airplane and words about Retail District Mgmt.  
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Well, the very first thing you need to do is find out where you stand right now.

Store visits – serious, full visits, professional business meetings – need to take place in every store.

Managers and staff members must be on hand to provide feedback during meaningful discussions about anything and everything.

The District Management Workshop ONLINE is one great option for you. 
Another is the MAX ROI Store Visits Course.

Either way, we can help you go in with a plan and inspire your management and their teams. Make the future bright for them.

Start with a new store visit process and make it the standard.

Start with learning more about all aspects of your business and become a tremendous source of information, knowledge and motivation for your teams.  

Learn about the 7 Stage Process.  See the details of the ‘MAX ROI Store Visits’ course here.  

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If you still have questions or require more information about courses, books, workshops or webinars, or any other product or offering, please don’t hesitate to send an email to Josephine Hill:
jhill @  


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