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Managing for Higher Retail Success

Finally, we are having some reasonable weather in the northern hemisphere. That should help with retail sales.
Last month showed an increase of 6% in the US over last year. That’s a very significant number, hope it continues.
But what you are really concerned about is your own sales. Rightfully so. How are they? If you’ve been following us via this newsletter, I am sure you picked up some tips and suggestions along the way. There is so much more on the website. Go to success tips and/or viewpoint to get ideas, motivation and inspiration.
There is another thing you can do. We have a success guide called¬†“Managing for Higher Retail Success”. It does not get enough attention in our opinion. It s a true “classic” to go to¬† whenever you feel like you want to sharpen or re-energize your retail management skills and talents.
Our “bundle” customers all have it and one of them described this success guide as “a true gem”. It is priced very affordably so most if not all of you should have no problem investing in it.
Now go here and get your own copy, you will be glad you did.

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