Some things just never change

Here is poem we came across that proves as much as things change, many stay the same. It was written in the early 1900’s.

There may be nothing wrong with you,

The way you live, the work you do,

But I can very plainly see

Exactly what is wrong with me.

It isn’t that I’m indolent

Or dodging duty by intent;

I work as hard as anyone

And yet I get so little done

The morning goes, the noon is here

Before I know the night is near

And all around me I regret

Are things I haven’t finished yet

If I could just get organized

I often times have realized

Not all that matters is the man

The man must also have a plan


With you there may be nothing wrong

But here’s my trouble right along

I do the things that don’t amount

To very much of no account

That really seem important though

And let a lot of matters go

I nibble this I nibble that

But never finish what I’m at

I work as hard as anyone

And yet I get so little done

I’d do so much you’d be surprised

If I could just get organized!

Author Unknown 

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