Selling Step: Present Options

Today’s ‘Word to the RetailWise’ is: Presenting options to your customer initially and during the add-on or upsell stage.

Everyone knows that Presenting Options is one of the steps in the selling process. But not everyone knows it means exactly that.

Too often sales associates suggest options, point to options, and generally talk about options…instead of actually presenting the options. Sometimes presenting options can seem like a lot of work…but it pays off. Work is part of the job, right?

By putting the options – merchandise – in front of the customer (or the customer in front of the merchandise) they are encouraged to touch, feel, play…whatever it is depending on the type of merchandise being presented. This helps the customer become emotional about it; it creates some sense of ownership.

So, if you’re a retail manager, take a moment to really listen to your sales associates when they are talking with customers. You’ll probably hear some  statements similar to these:

“We have widgets and they’re right over there.” Or, “A great widget would work well with that, and we do have some.” Or, maybe, “If you’re looking for a widget I can show you one if you like.”

Presenting is the key. Don’t just talk about your merchandise….show it!

All the Success!
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