User Friendly Retail Systems

Today’s ‘Word to the RetailWise’ is: Upgrade and simplify systems to avoid losses due to POS errors.

The majority of retail employees can tell you at least one story about something ‘weird’ or ‘unexplainable’ that their POS (Point of Sale)system does. Honestly, you would be surprised at how many of these systems are not user friendly.

And anything that is not user friendly….is, by definition, error friendly! And errors cost you money.


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Retail store employees are not sitting back in a calm, quiet office environment – plucking one thing out of their in-tray at a time. They are usually running around doing several things at once, all the while their workplace is open to the public. Talk about multi-tasking!

We heard about a Store Manager who was not allowed, or able, to open her cash drawer with a key. So, if the POS system would not obey a command to open the drawer for any number of reasons…and, yes, there are plenty of very good reasons…then everything stopped. Staff were frustrated and customers were angry.

She recalled a day when the drawer was closed after a sale. The moment it was closed the cashier realized she had short changed the customer. Too late! Too bad! You can imagine the scene there!

Anyway, the point being made is that POS systems must be designed to take the nature of the business into account. Don’t go out and buy one based on price alone. Make sure it does everything you need it to do…and make sure it does it simply.

One last thought….receiving merchandise into the POS system, and transferring merchandise out, must be a straight forward and quick process. If it’s not, you’ll see the results in your shrinkage – real or not – you may never know.

All the Success!
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