Who Should Attend DMSRetail Workshops?

Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop – this is for people who are Store Managers, Assistant Managers and any other position that has responsibility for the store operation in the Managers absence. The workshop teaches participants the importance of running the store as a successful business. Often we find that Store Managers perceive their role in a certain way – perhaps as an administrator, or as an enforcer of all the rules, or as the person who makes sure the store is kept clean and tidy, or maybe a sales manager. While all of those duties are within the scope of the Store Manager’s position, it is important for them to understand how the store operates as a business that is required to return a profit to the stakeholders. This workshop develops Store Managers (and Assistants and other in-store supervisory positions) into stronger business people by understanding how everything they do every day impacts their store’s success.  

District/Region Management Workshop – this is for people who are District/Region Managers already and others in the organization who might be promoted to these positions in the near future. One of the biggest challenges for District/Region Managers is that they manage, and are accountable for stores spread throughout a geographic region, and cannot see/hear everything that is going on in each of those stores every day. We call this managing remotely. This is, of course, much different and much more difficult than managing in one location that a person works out of every day.
So there is a strong focus on the responsibilities of a District/Region Manager to be a very good leader. We talk about leading people, integrity, supporting their people, representing their Head Office, and much more. We also introduce some straight forward methods to get the best out of their people, through certain processes that they can use every day in their work. As the leader, there is no doubt who is accountable for the store teams in their district/region – no matter how difficult, the District/Region Manager is the person who has to make the stores operate successfully through effective leadership and management of their teams. We teach them how – from what to look for when hiring store managers and associates, to how to drive sales, to how to ensure they get maximum productivity from a store visit and much more. 

The Retail Operations Management Workshop – this is for people who are in mid to upper management in the operations side of a retail business. People who attend this workshop usually have implementation power so they can make changes to their operation based on ideas they get at the workshop. It is also a very good way for Head Office Managers who may not work in the operations side of the business but who need to understand how things work. For example, people from the following departments: purchasing, administration, human resources, accounting, distribution, marketing, etc. There is a huge benefit to the organization to have people from these departments attend this particular workshop because it gives them a foundation of store operations knowledge so that they can make any and all of their decisions with this in mind.

Brand & Category Management Workshop – this is for people on the product side of the business and for marketing teams. It is all about the benefits of category management; managing vendor relationships; taking different marketing approaches based on changing circumstances. There is a lot of detailed information and several case studies in this 3 day workshop


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