Biggest DM Challenge

The Biggest Challenge in Multi-Unit Management?

Doing it all without being present!
Doing it all remotely.
That is the biggest challenge…hands down!

Don’t be the Last Person to Find out the Single, Most Critical
Thing a Smart and Successful Multi-Unit Manager Needs to Do
To Get Outstanding Results…and What the Business Owner
or CEO Needs to do to Help.

The job of a Multi-Unit Manager is a tough one…no argument here.

They have to make the numbers happen and their stores must comply with all of the requirements set out by the organization.

Sales, merchandising, customer service, maintenance, scheduling, special event management… and so much more…are all their responsibility!

Actually, all of that might be easy if they were in the store with the Store Managers and the Associates every day.

But, of course, they’re not.

That’s the mighty challenge!

Managing remotely requires them to be even better than they were when they were top performing Store or Business Unit Managers.

Managing from afar is very different.

Phone calls and videos are great but no matter how much time a Multi-Unit Manager spends on the sales floor in each of their stores, it’s still not the same as one manager being in one store for 40 – 60 hours a week; pouring all of their effort and energy into the success of one business unit.

Not even close.

In fact, managing remotely is considered by many to be the single, biggest hurdle for any newly promoted Multi-Unit Manager to overcome.

Ignore this fact and you’re asking for trouble. Why?

Because, even though they’re not there (because it’s impossible to be everywhere), they are still accountable and you can’t let them off the hook. Not being there is no excuse for anything and no self-respecting Multi-Unit Manager will try to use absence as an excuse for lack of performance.

Well…maybe once.

Needless to say, it would not and should not go over well!

Usually, the District Manager is accountable for the district. The Regional Manager is accountable for the region. And on and on..that’s how it works.

The individuals holding these important, highly influential Multi-Unit Management positions must get the ‘numbers’…they must achieve targets and operate the stores effectively overall.

That’s it! End of story!

Because the in-person workshop was so highly rated, we decided to offer it online, for only a third of the price and zero travel expenses.

And, because this online workshop is done over 4 sessions, it won’t lead to scheduling issues.

Even if there is a conflict, we send the presentation and recording to your email so you don’t miss out.

Here’s what participants had to say:

“Illuminating, challenging and entertaining.”
~Amanda R., Retail Business Owner

“Very good information, gave many tools to be a very successful DM.”
~Leland W., District Manager

“It was informative on key pieces of the DM role.”
~Alissa B., Corporate Trainer

“Great! Felt, after an hour on the first day, that it was well worth my time away from the store.”
~Kim H., Sr. Store Manager

“I think this class has made me a better DM. I can put a lot of the systems I saw into play in my stores.”
~Calvin D., District Manager

“I think this workshop was perfect for our company. The way we are growing, I truly felt that we needed to structure the DM position. This workshop has given us the tools to do so.”
~Nick G. District Manager

“I enjoyed/learned from your experiences and it is important to learn from workshops like yours because we do not have the time to learn all these things on our own. Stand on the shoulders of giants!”
~Bill G. District Manager

“I think this workshop provides tremendous insights from the DM position to Home Office and into Stores. I appreciated the wide range of topics covered. I feel more empowered to take decisive action with my team.”
~Kerry T. District Manager

This affordable, time and travel saving 8-hour online workshop
(2 hours on four different days in October) is jam-packed with what you need to be your best at MAX Multi-Unit Management.

What you’ll like about this online workshop:

• Your Comfort
• Privacy of Your Home or Office
• Affordability
• Time Saving
• Travel Expense Saving
• Participate as Much or as Little as you Like
• Engaging Presentation
• Open Forum to Discuss with Other Participants and the Instructor
• Actionable Take Aways
• Detailed Multi-Unit Case Study
• Action Strategies Guide & Workbook
• Maximum Performance Goal Planner

(Important note: All of the above sent to your email whether you attend or not.)

Space will be limited during this live and interactive online workshop so everyone who wants to speak up can do so.


MAX Multi-Unit Management
Online Workshop

Total: 8 HOURS

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

4 Online Sessions
Each Session runs from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST.

Important Note: You get the presentation sent to your email whether you attend or not.

Click here to register for the MAX Multi-Unit Management Online Workshop – $495 per person.


Remember…You get the presentation sent to your email whether you attend or not.

Ideal for:
• District and Regional Managers
• General Managers
• Store Managers Ready for Promotion
• High Volume Flagship Managers
• All Retail Managers

We want to attend..what do I do now? Click here.
Send an email to if you have questions.


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